May Days

The Friends of Redtail Society would like to welcome its members and the public to it’s third annual May Days event held on the top of Porter Road, Pictou West, on the public lands bordering FRS land and the MacKay Brook Nature Reserve.

This year we will  partake in a 24 hour fast to bring good energy and intention to the environmental and social struggles we are currently facing in Pictou County. The intent is unity, not division, and we encourage anyone to participate whether it is at the gathering site or in the comfort of their own surroundings. The fast will begin at 6:00 AM on Saturday morning and end at 6:00 AM on Sunday morning.

We will be setting up camp beginning at noon on Friday, May 11th and finishing at noon on Sunday, May 13th. Campers are asked to bring their own gear, food and water.

Everyone is welcome to drop by for a visit if you are not planning on camping or fasting.  

As in past years, we will be holding a night sit on Friday Friday evening and a tree planting demonstration by Tom Miller will be held on Saturday.

Friday –...

Learning and living in relationship with the land

In the spirit of reciprocity

With the purchase of 313 acres of delicate forest land, we have become its guardian and student. We are guided by the principle of responsible and respectful land use to show that it is possible to live from the land without destroying the vital systems that support life on the planet. Read more…>>

Sheltering Forests

Our campaign to reclaim, re-vision and restore our relationship with the forest 
Forests have sheltered generations of life on this planet and have given rise to the complex ecosystems that support and sustain us today. Forests are in need of our respect and care more than ever … Read more…>>

Craig’s Way

…into the soul of the forest

Craig’s Way footpath embodies the land values that we have spoken of since first launching the Sheltering Forests campaign. It is an important first project for FRS because it is an expression of the principles and goals so fundamental to the Society. Read more…>>