Hunters and Hikers

As a landowner/occupier, Friends of Redtail Society has a duty to do its best to ensure the reasonable safety of those who come to FRS lands.

During recent hunting seasons concerns have arisen about the inherent danger of both hunters and hikers being on FRS lands, especially Craig’s Way, at the same time.

As a landowner, FRS is subject to many laws and regulations, whether by virtue of provincial statutes or by operation of the non-statute or “common law”.

The purpose of this statement is to draw attention to the issues which arise because of the nature of FRS lands, namely “unmanaged” forest land.

In Nova Scotia, licensed hunters are allowed to hunt on forest land. “Forest land” is broadly defined and applies to FRS land. As a forest land owner FRS may post “no trapping” signs, but the Wildlife Act does not provide for posting “no hunting” signs.

It is prudent to exercise caution at all times when enjoying unmanaged and ungroomed property like that of FRS. However, during hunting season (late October to early December) extra caution is advisable.

FRS is posting its land with appropriate signage to warn hunters and hikers of the possible danger...

Learning and living in relationship with the land

In the spirit of reciprocity

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Sheltering Forests

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Craig’s Way

…into the soul of the forest

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