Winter Tracking Series in February: 5, 12, 19, 26

For the second year in a row, Friends of Redtail Society will be hosting a winter tracking series on Sundays in the month of February. The event starts at 1 pm on February 5, 12, 19 and 26.

Participants are invited to see animals through the eyes of the track. Winter is an excellent time to study nature’s signatures. Each afternoon fauna living on and around Friends of Redtail land, near Scotsburn, Pictou County will be tracked. Evidence of Deer, Coyote, Fisher, Snowshoe Hare and even an endangered Mainland Moose might be seen.

Friends of Redtail Society Board Members, Billy MacDonald and Joella Arsenault will lead the tracking series. MacDonald is an experienced tracker who has spent much of his life in the woods attuned to observing nature and animal signs. In the mid ‘80s he studied tracking with internationally renowned, Tom Brown Jr., and in 1991 he founded Redtail Nature Awareness Camp near Scotsburn, offering wilderness experiences for children, youth and adults. Arsenault is a nature photographer and former attendee of Redtail Nature Awareness and has co-led programs with MacDonald for the past decade.

“The track is the animal’s signature,” says MacDonald. “The track is a doorway to a world that for the most part remains invisible in modern society, the world of wildlife not under human control. Tracking expands our experience of the larger environment and activates an ancient past.”

Participants are asked to dress for the conditions, proper footwear is essential and snowshoes may also be necessary. Each week the group will meet at the bridge on the MacBeth Road by Craig’s Way at 12:50 pm. Donations are welcome.

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Nature’s signatures: Recent Mainland Moose scat, (at right) and Deer scat (left).

Photo – Joella Arsenault

For more information contact:

Billy MacDonald at (902) 485-4688