Survey: Where do we go from here?

With the  purchase of 313 acres of delicate forested land, we have become its guardian  and student. We are guided by the principle of responsible and respectful land  use to show that it is possible to live from the land without destroying the  vital systems that support life on the planet.

We want  to know how you think Friends of Redtail Society should interact with the land. Your  answers to the following questions will help us to decide where to go from here


Please complete the following:




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*Are you familiar with the forested land that has been purchased by the Friends of Redtail Society?  
*What human activities do you think should occur on the land*?  
*What human activities do you think should not occur on the land*?  
Do you have any further comments?  
Your name and contact information: (This is not required, but if you have ideas that members of Friends of Redtail Society would like to follow up on, we might get in touch with you for more information).  
  * denotes required field

* Some examples of human  activities to consider: research, low impact sustainable living  demonstration project, educational events, tree nursery, flora & fauna  identification, bird inventory, trails for hiking, snowshoeing, cross country  skiing, demonstration sustainable woodlot, harvesting of wild food or medicines,  burial ground for ashes, hunting, trapping, ATVs using existing trail,  snowmobiles using existing trail, make it a place to connect with the earth  &/or for spiritual sustenance, etc.