•  Bob Bancroft Biologist
    Commentator, Land Steward & Conservator

“Clear-cutting degrades rich woodlands and the wildlife they support. Communities become commodities. Help the Friends of Redtail Society save this land from the industrial forest mining process. Take a stand!”

  • Elizabeth May
    Respected environmental activist and writer, Leader of the Green Party of Canada

“I am proud to lend my support to a truly inspiring conservation initiative. Friends of Redtail is working to protect critical ecosystems of old Acadian forest. It is also championing environmental education and sustainable use of natural resources. We do not have much time to raise the money to make this dream a reality. I am contributing. So can you!”

  • Farley Mowat

“I am honored to offer my support to the Friends of Redtail Society. Protection of the forests of MacBeth Road for education, innovation in sustainable forest management and preservation for the non-human inhabitants of the area is a noble cause.”

  • David Orton
    Writer on ecological issues and green philosophy

“The Friends of Redtail Society is trying to stop, by purchase, the destruction of over 300 acres of Acadian semi-wilderness forest land, located in the vicinity of the Nature-bonding educational center Red Tail Nature Awareness, near Scotsburn, Pictou County, Nova Scotia. I support their cause – an inspirational new community-based land use project, rooted in a deep ecology awareness, and in opposition to the current industrial forest model. Industrial forestry not only liquidates the living forest but also liquidates any possibility of rural communities living in some kind of sustainable economic relationship with forests. I also endorse the view of Arne Naess that “The earth does not belong to humans. Unfortunately, until the ecological and social changes come about that will eliminate private land ‘ownership’ one is forced to raise money to “purchase” this land so that it can be saved from destruction.”

We are grateful to the Sierra Club Canada Foundation and Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter for partnering with us in this campaign.

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