How you can help


1. Donate now to the Sheltering Forests Campaign

2. Pledge to conduct a fundraiser for the Society, simply email us the date and details and we’ll be sure to share the news here.

» Not sure what to do? Check out some of these great fundraising ideas that others have already put together.

3. Support a fundraiser taking place near you

4. Circulate the Friends of Redtail Society initiative among your friends. Perhaps there is someone in your network who may have it in their means to make a substantial donation toward saving this forest. Let us know so we can make an appeal to this person.

5. Become a member of the Friends of Redtail Society. Members are a vital part of the Society. They add voice to the cause, contribute to the vision and share the workload. We accept members as young as 13 years of age.

If you wish to know more, please contact us. Let us know if you would like to remain informed of our progress or other events in support of saving this land. Together we can make a small difference in the health and wellbeing of the earth.


Fundraising Ideas


Tandem Tour 2010: 4 guys rode 1 quad tandem bike from Victoria to Halifax this summer. They raised $5000 for each of the 4 charities they rode for, one of them was Friends of Redtail.

Picnic in the Forest: On October 18th, 2008 Friends of Redtail Society held a picnic in the hemlock grove on the grounds of Redtail Nature Awareness. Over 100 people attended. There were presentations by well know biologist Bob Bancroft and local land steward Steve Harder. There were donated goods for sale and a silent auction. Over 100 people attended. The event concluded with the creation of some inspirational signs which were posted on the site of our original action.

Pray for the Wilderness Fundraising Concert: Society Member Ursula Klum organized a concern at the Merigomish church. Doris Mason, Mishra’s Dream and other artists performed and over $1,200 was raised. The second installment of this event is scheduled for November 14, 2009.

Coffee House: hosted by the students of Shambhala School in Halifax. The school has had a long-term relationship with Redtail Nature Awareness and the students are acquainted with this land through their time at Redtail.  This was a lively night with performances from students and other guest performers. Over $1,500 was raised.

Another coffee house was organized by a group of youth in Dartmouth who are all participants at Redtail. They organized and performed the coffee house.

Taking up a Collection: Adrian Peace Williams, then aged 12 and participant at Redtail Nature Awareness, wanted to raise enough money to preserve an acre of land. She worked hard for several months baking and selling cookies and petitioning friends and family. She single handedly raised $500, which she proudly delivered upon arrival at summer camp.

Bees Wax Candle Sale: Alicia Rose and Jan Rose Leedham have been selling bees wax candles at craft fairs, markets and house parties. They are happy to offer a product that is healthy for the environment and at the same time contributing to protecting the forest.

Fundraising Pub in Victoria, BC: Ben Miller, a former participant at Redtail Nature Awareness held a a kegger and was able to raise $1,200 from 5,000 miles across the county.

Women’s Gathering: Nova Poirier and friends organized an event called “ For the Earth Women’s Gathering” to raise funds and also to raise consciousness regarding the connection between our wellbeing and the wellbeing of the Earth. The afternoon featured a tea and sale of natural products, entertainment, a healing arts auction and activities to help women express their connection to the Earth. The event raised over $1,200

Cookie Sale: Julian Poirier-McKiggan, age 7 decided he wanted to help. With the aid of his big sister Rosa, he made cookies in the shape of trees. Then he and his dad went door to door in their Dartmouth neighborhood with cookies and information in-hand. He raised $ 200 in a few hours.

Donations of art, goods and services: Many people, too numerous to mention, have been donating items or services for sale or for silent auction. These items were then sold or auctioned at some of the above events. This has been a major contributor to our fundraising and will continue at future events.

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