Dear Members and Friends,

The Friends of Redtail Society will hold their Annual General Meeting at 1pm, Saturday March 23 at the JP Gammon Community Hall in Scotsburn, NS.

The address is 4136 Scotsburn Rd. located beside the post office.

The agenda for the afternoon is below

Business meeting: 1:00 -1:50

Circle of Support: 2:00 – 3:15

The Society will hold a Circle of Support for the closure of Boat Harbour and the remediation of the 350 acre tidal estuary ecosystem. We invite members of the Pictou Landing First Nations community, residents of Pictou Landing  and the general public, to come and share their perspective as we look toward the time when the area known as A’se’k to the Pictou Landing First Nations will no longer be an industrial waste lagoon.

All are welcome. Tea and Coffee provided

The storm date for the AGM is Sunday March 24, same place and time.

Learning and living in relationship with the land

In the spirit of reciprocity

With the purchase of 313 acres of delicate forest land, we have become its guardian and student. We are guided by the principle of responsible and respectful land use to show that it is possible to live from the land without destroying the vital systems that support life on the planet. Read more…>>

Sheltering Forests

Our campaign to reclaim, re-vision and restore our relationship with the forest 
Forests have sheltered generations of life on this planet and have given rise to the complex ecosystems that support and sustain us today. Forests are in need of our respect and care more than ever … Read more…>>

Craig’s Way

…into the soul of the forest

Craig’s Way footpath embodies the land values that we have spoken of since first launching the Sheltering Forests campaign. It is an important first project for FRS because it is an expression of the principles and goals so fundamental to the Society. Read more…>>